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Tsar Saltan

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Total knife length225 mm
Blade length100 mm
Axle jointbearing
It is the second folding knife from a series of the exclusive folding knives devoted to the works of the great Russian poet A.S. Pushkin made in the Cheburkov's workshop in the SINGLE COPY during the period from February 2018 to July 2017. A folding knife with the linear frame lock. The blade is forged out of high-carbonaceous, high-alloy, the ZDI 1016 composite steel. The multilayered blade of 300 layers as a part of which there are steel 60X14 and 140X18. The pyramid drawing is applied. The hilt is made of titanium with the technology of anodizing. On a back of the knife there is the engraving on titanium in the silk-screen printing technique. Turning a knife it becomes possible to read a city inscription Pavlovo where this knife is made. On the face of the knife the engraving made of white color metal in the casting technique with the image of a fragment from the fairy tale by A.S. Pushkin "Tale of Tsar Saltan" is located.

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