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Total knife length225 mm
Blade length100 mm
Длина рукояти/handle length125 mm
Blade width26 mm
Hilt width30 mm
Hilt thickness13 mm
Blade thickness3.9 mm
Axle jointberaring
Knife weight121 gr

Folding knife "Scout" from the workshop of Alexander Cheburkov has a simple reliable design, light weight and the best ratio"price-quality". The blade has excellent cutting characteristics. The handle is made in ergonomic style. This knife is a very popular product of our online store. If you are looking for an exclusive gift to the hunter, angler or lover of Hiking, the knife "Scout" has all the possibilities to become one.

Advantages of the knife "Scout"

This folding knife is suitable for those who prefer to control their lives rather than go with the flow. Presented on this page blade of quality steel M390 has a good chance to become obedient and loyal friend to his master. Knife folding "Scout" will be the pride of its owner. It is comfortable to carry in your bag or pants pocket. Buying such a product is a good investment.  

Advantages of the knife "Scout" from the workshop Cheburkov:

- Compact, convenient size.

- High quality handmade.

- Reliability of the folding mechanism.

The main parameters of the "Scout"

It is known that the folding design of cutting weapons used by the ancient Greeks. Knife "Scout" - a modern high-tech product made of high quality materials.

In the unfolded form, this knife has a length of 225 mm. Most of the handle is with a mechanism for turning the blade. Blade length of 100 mm, is made from alloy which you can select when making the purchase – м390 or Damascus steel.

Premium steel m390, developed by Bohler-Uddeholm AG, the best solution for knives. It has the following advantages:

- High resistance to shock loads.

- Good corrosion resistance.

- No reaction with acids and alkali.

We can also offer you this knife with stainless Damascus blade ZDI1016.

In the open form the blade is held tight reinforced spring. Sharpening of the blade is concave.

The advantages of the knives from the workshop Cheburkov

The range of our workshop includes about three hundred models of knives of different types and shapes. We are ready to offer our customers blades of classical design, folding knives and products of exotic shapes. They all have in common-the high quality of the finished product. All knives are made by hand. Therefore, they are presented in small quantities or under the order.

Do you want to buy an original knife "Scout" or other exclusive product of our knife shop? We guarantee that you will be satisfied with your purchase. All knives have a guarantee and are delivered completely at our expense. Each buyer can count on gifts and insurance parcels from force majeure.

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