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Total knife length291 mm
Blade length167 mm
Hilt length124 mm
Blade width32.6 mm
Hilt width34.8 mm
Hilt thickness22.5 mm
Blade thickness4.0 mm

"Bear" - a large handmade knife from the workshop Cheburkov, characterized by excellent appearance and performance. It is suitable for various outdoor activities. The dimensions of the blade allow you to use this tool for cutting and chopping. The chute, which occupies half of the blade, emphasizes the "predatory" design of the "Bear". The handle, made of a cap of Karelian birch, perfectly fits in the hand. This knife can be used as a souvenir or as a Hiking tool. The price is for today.

Features of "Bear" knife

Today in the market of knife production the set of various models of prickly-cutting products is presented. Knives of our workshop are made only with the use of manual labor. The product presented on this page has a simple but stylish design. The knife is characterized by the presence of concave sharpening of the blade.

As the material of the blade, you can choose the weapon steel:

- M390. The material was created by Bohler-Uddeholm. Alloy characterized by high strength characteristics and good corrosion protection.

- Stainless Damascus ZDI1016. Composite alloy used for the production of hunting and collection knives. The finished product from this steel require virtually no maintenance.

Whatever material for the manufacture of the blade "Bear" you choose, the knife will be reliable and long-term preservation of consumer qualities.

The handle of this blade is made of Karelian birch. This is one of the most beautiful and unique in texture materials. Thanks to modern methods of processing, wooden handles can serve no less than products made of synthetic materials. But, in appearance, natural wood is superior to any analogues. This warm and comfortable material has pleasant tactile sensations.  

Advantages of buying knives Cheburkov workshop

If you are looking for an exclusive gift or an author's knife for your own use, then take a look at our catalog. All products presented on our website are made by hand. This copy of the knife is made to order. Our production deserved respect not only at domestic buyers, but also at fans of knives from France, Italy, Germany and the USA.

In our online store you can buy handmade knives "Bear" with free delivery to any region of the Russian Federation. If you have any questions, you can ask them through a special chat. Our managers will provide professional advice and help to place an order.

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