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Total knife length251 mm
Blade length120.3 mm
Hilt length130.7 mm
Blade width27.2 mm
Hilt width29.1 mm
Hilt thickness18.9 mm
Blade thickness4.0 mm

The knife "Huntsman", made using manual labor by specialists of Cheburkov's workshop, can be used to solve various tasks in field conditions. It can be used as a household knife and combat missions. Although for such a purpose, he did not specifically prepare. This product is well established as a great gift for a person who is engaged in fishing, hunting or loves to spend a lot of time in nature. Buy knife "Huntsman" can be on our website.    

Features knife "Huntsman"

This piercing and cutting product has a wide blade with one cutting edge. The blade is made of steel:

- M390. Weapon alloy with high quality and durability. It was developed by Bohler-Uddeholm for its high quality blades. Today the third version of such powder steel is used. A hardness of 59 — 61 HRC.

- Stainless Damascus ZDI1016. Steel, which is characterized not only by high quality characteristics, but also a beautiful texture. When ordering goods with such a blade, the price will increase somewhat.

- Stainless laminate. Multi-layer structure with high performance. Blades of this "pie"have high durability.

The handle is made from a stabilized wood. This material is made of natural wood and reinforced with polymerizing compounds. The handle made of stabilization wood is not afraid of external influence and has excellent decorative qualities. The texture does not fade in the sun. The handle can resist open flame for several minutes. It has good ergonomics. Karelian birch was used as a raw material for tree stabilization.  

Buying knives on our website you can get exclusive gifts and manufacturer's warranty.

Advantages of Cheburkov workshop knives

We specialize in handmade knives since 2001. In assortment of our workshop it is possible to find blades of any forms and designs. All knives presented on this site are real works of art. But they can be used without problems and for domestic purposes. They are suitable as tourist, fishing and hunting knives. We deliver such goods throughout Russia at the expense of the company. Parcels are insured, so customers do not risk anything. We give a guarantee on all production and are sure that you will be satisfied with acquisition of our qualitative and exclusive knife "Huntsman" handwork.

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