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Total knife length280 mm
Blade length150 mm
Hilt length130 mm
Blade width21.3 mm
Hilt width29.4 mm
Hilt thickness22.3 mm
Blade thickness2.4 mm

There are many varieties of knives, but among them there is a special one that stands out for its amazing history. In the 30s of the early twentieth century, government agencies began to use the NKVD knives, because they are comfortable in a secretive wearing and very effective under various circumstances.  This small but significant product has made an incredible contribution to the protection of the country. Finca has gained such great popularity that to this day is the object of desire of many citizens.

Cheburkov workshop provides an opportunity to buy an original knife NKVD handmade at a bargain price. On the knife there is a red star logo, the handle is made in black, white and red colors.  

Description of the knife NKVD

NKVD knife is made by hand, in strict accordance with the established dimensions. The product has a high rigidity, thanks to the thick steel. The blade is made of quality steel to choose from: M390, Damascus or stainless laminate. Knife does not fold.

Given that the cutting blade, it does not belong to a number of bladed weapons. Buy knife NKVD can anyone, without special permits. Especially relevant for those who prefer outdoor activities. This product will be an indispensable tool for anglers, hunters and tourists. They can open cans, cut materials at hand and much more.

Characteristics of a knife NKVD

This blade has a long period of operation, because it has a number of actual advantages:

- Blade hardness 58 HRC;

- The original shape of the blade is able to cut everything from meat to wire;

- Convenient and easy to use, thanks to the high-quality and non-slip handle;

- Withstands significant mechanical pressure, including the passage of the tank.

- Perfect balance - the main advantage of the NKVD knife.

This exclusive product can serve as a great gift for a solemn event, because the blade has a presentable appearance.

Services of our company

One of the main activities of Cheburkov's workshop is the manufacture, sale and supply of handmade knives. We can buy the product at a competitive cost. Perform the order will be a master with ten years of experience, so the quality of the product we are responsible for our own reputation. Cooperating with us, you will be pleasantly surprised by communication with qualified personnel, individual approach to each client and timely delivery of products.

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