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Total knife length272 mm
Blade length144 mm
Hilt length128 mm
Blade width28 mm
Hilt width30.8 mm
Hilt thickness18 mm
Blade thickness4.0 mm

Wherever you go: a picnic, a hike or a full journey, the list of mandatory things will always be a knife. Of course, for a tourist it is very important to have a tourist knife, as in nature it is more practical and convenient.

Being in nature, you make a huge number of things, for example, harvest firewood, set up tents, gather mushrooms, cook food, or if the list of your Hobbies is a place for extreme tourism, then cut the rope. All this will require a large number of different attributes, but experts in this business know that all this can be done with an ordinary tourist knife. To use such a subject it will be convenient and ordinary household work.

Hit sales-tourist knife "Samurai" from the Studio Cheburkov. You can buy this exclusive knife, it is very compact and you can carry it with you – as a gift to the knife are scabbard.

Hunters, fishermen and just people who go often to fresh air, call it "fix" or "fixed". Yes, in such a product there are no additional functions, such as pliers and the rest, however, it is not contaminated and does not slip during application, making an accurate entry into any surface, besides the probability of failure is zero. Such knives, especially often bought, include our "Samurai".

Making a knife "Samurai"

The blade is made of stainless steel, it can be: Damascus, laminate or M390. The knife has many positive characteristics, among which should be highlighted:

- Minimum need for blade care;

- Wear resistance of knife material;

- Resistance to aggressive environment (humidity, temperature, etc.).

Exclusive knife for true experts

We draw your attention to the fact that in our online store you can buy an original tourist knife handmade called "Samurai", which will serve you in cooking and in the struggle for survival. When buying such a blade, you do not spend a lot of time, and the affordable price will save your savings. The buyer will always have confidence in the practicality of the product, the uniqueness of which is able to conquer everyone. Masters of their craft will present you only an exquisite product that meets all the above positive functions. Do not lose the opportunity to buy this knife, because quality things should be everyone.

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