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Total knife length250 mm
Blade length130 mm
Hilt length120 mm
Hilt thickness32.6 mm
Hilt width30.7 mm
Hilt thickness23.9 mm
Blade thickness4.0 mm

"Shark" -universal piercing and cutting tool handmade from our workshop. The product has a wide blade with a reinforced fifth. The handle is made in ergonomic shape. It allows you to hold the product firmly in your hands. A feature of this model is a bronze Garda. This knife can be used for household purposes or purchased as an expensive gift. 

Features of the knife "Shark"

Due to the high functionality and reliability, "Shark" knives have long established themselves as high-quality products for solving various issues in the field. This model is characterized by high levels of comfort and safety in use. The blade is suitable for cutting small shrubs and branches. With it, you can cut products or perform repairs, failed things, being far from civilization. The blade will not suffer even if you use it to open cans. 

The blade can be made of two types of steel to choose from:

- M390. Traditional weapons-grade alloy that offers high strength characteristics. The material belongs to the class of powder steels and was developed by Bohler-Uddeholm. Easily tolerates strong external influences and is not covered with rust.

- Stainless Damascus ZDI1016. Material made of two types of composite steel. It is widely used in our country for the production of souvenir and hunting knives.

The blade is finished with polishing technology. 

As a material of a handle the cap of the Karelian birch is used. This is one of the most popular and beautiful materials used in the manufacture of knife handles. Decorative properties of the material and" warm " texture feel allow you to comfortably hold the knife in your hand. 

Buy knife "Shark" handmade only on the official website of our workshop! By purchasing this product in other places you risk losing your money. Only we give a guarantee for our products and insure the delivery of parcels by Russian post.

Advantages of Cheburkov workshop knives

We are engaged in manual production of hunting, tourist, fishing and collection knives of various shapes and designs. All products presented on the pages of our online store are exclusive. You can buy our knife with delivery to any region of the Russian Federation. Quality of our production was estimated by experts from the USA and Europe. If you have any questions or you want to make an order, please contact our specialists through a convenient chat.

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