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Total knife length298.5 mm
Blade length150 mm
Hilt length148.5 mm
Blade width28.3 mm
Hilt width31.0 mm
Hilt thickness21.8 mm
Blade thickness4.0 mm

In our workshop you can buy a knife from Damascus steel "Sturgeon". This product will be a great gift for every angler. Outwardly resembling a sturgeon, this knife will help out not only when fishing, but also on the hunt. The handle is made of walnut veneer has excellent ergonomics and a rich appearance. The blade has a distinctive pattern. This product will be a real talisman of the one who will own it.

Features knife "Sturgeon"

The name of this blade speaks not only about its shape, but also specialization. Due to its unique characteristics, it is not afraid of strong external influence and water splashes. The knife has a traditional shape for its type. The straight-edged blade with a rounded blade has one cutting edge. Wooden handle ergonomic shape will help to securely fix the blade even in wet hands.

Knife "Sturgeon" - a reliable and practical tool that will be the pride of its owner.

The shape of the blade of this product has long been legendary. For several decades of its existence, several modifications of "Sturgeon"were developed. Today hunting, fishing, souvenir and throwing knives of this form are produced.

Presented on this page, the model of the knife "Sturgeon" is the most successful version of this product. The knife looks very solid. Additional finishing in the form of silver casting for the rear only increases the decorative quality of the product. But this is a full-fledged handmade knife that can be used in "combat" conditions.

The blade is made of stainless Damascus ZDI1016. This carbon high-alloy steel is characterized by the following advantages:

- High strength material.

- Attractive appearance of the blade.

- Great durability of the product.

Blade steel ZDI1016 is robust to external impact. Due to its decorative qualities, the blade "Sturgeon" can be used as a collector's item. An unusual pattern on the steel is obtained in the production of the blade by hand.

Advantages of buying knives in Cheburkov's workshop

We are ready to offer you more than 300 different in shape, type and finish of knives. Each model is made by hand, so our knives can be considered to be exclusive. We are engaged in the production of such products for many years. Buying goods from the range of our store for yourself or as a gift, you can be sure that the purchase will justify itself.

You want to buy an original knife "Sturgeon" or other goods of our workshop? We are ready to deliver you a parcel to any region of the Russian Federation completely at our expense - free of charge. Order a handmade knife right now at a nice price.

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