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Operating rates:
The acquired knife needs to be stored in the dry place separately from a sheath. Long influence of humidity and hostile environment isn't allowed.
It is unadvisable to subject a knife to excessive loading which will lead to partial or full fracture of a knife.
A knife should be used soberly. Be guided by social norms. 
Periodically maintain a knife according to the recommendations of the manufacturer. 
Angle of sharpening of our knives is of 30-35 degrees. If the angle of sharpening has been changed by the user, then claims on quality of a cut aren't accepted.

Conditions of a guarantee provision:
The  indispensable condition for receiving free and guarantee maintenance is to have  the original certificate.
We are ready to eliminate all production defects throughout entire term of use. The guarantee extends only to the knives manufactured now. The guarantee doesn't extend to the out of production models. 
The lifelong guarantee stands only in case of responsible operation of a knife. The knife is intended for a cut. If the knife was used not for designated purpose then the guarantee  is automatically removed. 
The guarantee doesn't extend to the defects which have arisen because of the person which is carrying out operation of a knife. The lifelong guarantee doesn't extend to physical wear of a knife at his operation, corrosion, partial or full fracture of a knife.
The Cheburkov's workshop doesn't bear responsibility for loss or damage of a knife while being shipped for service or back to the user. The cost of the lost or damaged knife in shipping isn't compensated.


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